Second Annual Brittany Noakes Poetry Award Results

The Second Annual Brittany Noakes Poetry Award

The Winning Poem written by Kayleb Rae Candrilli:


“My mother believes in my marriage and this shows me

her heart can forgive even years spent dancing alone”


Of the winning poem, Judge Sandra Beasley said: “How can we surprise and delight when narrating an archetypal relationship? This poet knows the secret. Once a mother speaks of “her cold feet / boiled down in a vat of frogs,” I’m hooked. There’s a spontaneous, witty spirit of exchange here—passionate, hurt—undergirded by precise lineation and soundplay. The ending is an open ache; I keep re-reading, hoping the outcome will change. In less than thirty lines, I’ve come to care about these people.”


In thanks of Kayleb Rae Candrilli’s writing their winning poem, they will receive 25 Broadsides created by artist MaryAnn L. Miller depicting the poem, as well as publication in The Adroit Journal, edited by Peter LaBerge.


The Second Place Poem written by Jenny Montgomery:“Proofed”

Judge Sandra Beasley says of Montgomery’s poem, “This poem disturbs in all the right ways. At first, our attention is directed to signifiers of the supernatural; the reader ascends toward a scene of spiritual possession. But there is a crucial swivel, ‘back to university,’ where possession takes on the shape of literal assault. ‘We’ve heard / things like this before,’ the provost warns obsequiously. The imagery is broodingly sexual, phrasing sculptured in its haunting.”


Jenny Montgomery will receive a book package generously donated by BOA Editions.


Honorable Mention Poem written by Daniel Blokh: Abecedarian for the English Language”


Honorable Mention Poem written by Lauren Davis: “Mountain, Incidental”


Finalists in alphabetical order, as selected by Peter LaBerge:

Stacey Balkun, Emari DiGiorgio, Rachel Edelman, Kathryn Hargett, Jen Karetnick, & Mary Ellen Redmond

Semi-Finalists in alphabetical order, as selected by Shevaun Brannigan:

Jacquelyn Bengfort, Mary Buchinger, Jacob Collins-Wilson, Markus Egeler Jones, Allison Hicks, Rachel Hinton, Leah Claire Kaminski, Isabella Mansfield, Holly Mason, Kindra McDonald, Leslie Miller, Lucianna Ramos, Liz Solms, Nancy Vona, & m.nicole.r.wildhood


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